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telent supplies best hand-held technology and value to Warwickshire Police


Warwickshire Police needed to replace its stock of hand-portable radios. telent managed the testing, evaluation and supply of over 1,200 units with the best performance:cost ratio for its requirements.

The Challenge

As part of the network transition, Warwickshire Police needed to replace its stock of hand-portable radios. For Blue Light services, it is essential the new equipment can withstand tough conditions and provide high levels of functionality. The police need devices that can be relied on to help them in their role protecting the public.

Warwickshire Police is a public body and therefore needed to ensure that it could justify its spending and gain value for money for UK taxpayers. This meant it needed top balance its cost requirements agains its performance requirements.

The Solution

telent is familiar with the different hand-portable terminal vendors available in the market and suggested a range of relevant models for Warwickshire Police to test out with their front-line staff. Its experience in Mobility solutions meant it could evaluate Warwickshire Police’s situation and recommend the most relevant models and vendors for its specific requirements.

Warwickshire Police carried out competitive user trials and technical evaluations with the selected handsets, and Sepura hand-portable terminals excelled against the corresponding products from the competitors. telent then unboxed, customised and supplied over 1,200 terminals to Warwickshire Police to help them transition onto the new network.

The new terminals have multiple advantages: unparalleled water, dust and impact resistance, intuitive interface, a large high-resolution colour screen and access to cutting-edge applications. Good quality images can be sent to the new terminals, which can be used for purposes such as missing person investigations or to confirm the identity of drivers against the DVLA database.

telent now provides ongoing support and maintenance to Warwickshire Police, including pushing out software updates ‘over the air’, carrying out repairs, organising replacements under the manufacturer’s warranty and supplying spares while handsets are out of action. This minimises the capital investment for Warwickshire Police and ensures that an expert has configured the replacement devices correctly.

The Benefits

Vendor agnostic: Warwickshire Police wanted to make sure that it selected the right terminal for its needs, and was futureproofed against coming technology changes. telent advised on the different options available in the market, offering an impartial view of the pros and cons of each option.

Technological advantage: telent discussed Warwickshire Police’s performance needs and suggested Sepura’s radio model for user trialling due to its ruggedness, durability, large colour screen and market-leading applications.

Experienced provider: telent’s Mobility service is based on in-depth knowledge of the industry. Its up-to-date experience with the different vendors and models available means it can provide a valuable expert opinion to its customers

‘Officer ready’ handsets: telent’s staff undertook the time-consuming process of unpacking the terminals, installing relevant software and ensuring each was ready to use. This saved Warwickshire Police valuable time and guaranteed that each piece of equipment was set up correctly

Ongoing support and maintenance: telent’s technicians are familiar with Sepura’s devices and can provide updates, repairs and organise replacements as needed. Warwickshire Police gain peace of mind and can concentrate on protecting and serving the community, whiel telent concentrates on maintaing their equiepement.


“We have put a lot of effort into selecting the right terminal for the Force to ensure that we can deliver protection to the communities of Warwickshire for many years to come. We are confident that the new Sepura product represents the best combination for Warwickshire of performance, value and ongoing support. As well as providing officers with secure communications to the force control centre, officers can use the terminals to communicate as teams using a common channel or make individual person to person calls.

Officer safety is enhanced and the new terminals are more rugged and better protected from the weather.”

David Farn, Project Manager, Warwickshire Police.

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