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Mortgages for Business trusts telent for critical business data backup

Data is critical to Mortgages for Business. The company relies on it to process hundreds of buy to let and commercial mortgage transactions every month. Data loss could be devastating for the business. 


Data loss can impact businesses negatively. The risks include loss of sales, damage to the brand, inability to operate, lawsuits and financial penalties. Mortgages for Business is the UK’s leading specialist buy to let and commercial mortgage broker. telent approached Mark Ryan, Head of IT at Mortgages for Business to understand the challenges it was facing in protecting its business data, handling restorations and Disaster Recovery (DR). At this point Mark was actively looking to find a reliable, secure, business data backup service with fast restore capabilities. He was looking for a solution to give him and the business peace of mind that he could restore the data if the business was to experience problems.

The Challenge

Mortgages for Business was backing up to tape, which can be an unreliable backup approach. Tapes can be a time-consuming headache to manage, slow and difficult to restore from and can easily fail. Tapes are magnetic media, so handling them and taking them off-site runs the risk of tapes being wiped, lost, broken or stolen. While tapes have been used as a backup approach for some time they don’t provide any fast means of Disaster Recovery.

Mark Ryan, Head of IT at Mortgages for Business explained his objective as “I'm looking for a backup solution that can be up and running in a day not a week nor 30 minutes“. Mortgages for Business' environment consists of both physical and virtual infrastructure. The environment needed to be backed up along with some desktops. Mark was looking at a handful of providers in the market based on functionality and cost.

The Solution

telent Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a costeffective managed cloud backup and restore solution for physical and virtual environments on customer sites. It provides an easy way to restore critical data in the event of hard drive crashes, power surges, dropped or stolen laptops, accidental deletes and even full-blown disasters. telent Cloud BaaS with DR ondemand provides on-site and off-site, secure, fast, reliable backup solution with on demand disaster recovery wrapped into a pay-as-you go arrangement which caught Mark’s attention. The telent Cloud team intuitively understood the environment and Mark’s specific requirements. In order to build trust in the service telent Cloud offered to run a proof of concept to prove the service worked as described. The telent Cloud team set up the BaaS proof of concept, this involved telent Cloud engineers installing the local appliance at Mortgage for Business' site, setting up the backup jobs based on the customer profile and then taking a copy of the business data to telent Cloud data centre. The business data was then seeded onto telent Cloud and backups were set to replicate from the local appliance to telent Cloud. The proof of concept ran for two weeks to prove the success of the business backup profile.

Mark Ryan expressed his delight – "Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with your technical consultant, it’s very nice to have that level of support from the very first moment we started using your service. A cracking start indeed!"

The Results

Mortgages for Business now has a daily data backup with telent Cloud BaaS giving it the ability to perform local restorations at the click of a button through the telent Cloud GUI. Business data is replicated to telent Cloud for offsite data protection. All data is encrypted with military grade encryption at source, in flight and at rest. In the event of total onsite disaster Mortgages for Business can invoke Disaster Recovery (DR) mode by requesting the telent Cloud team restore its business data and services on telent Cloud, dramatically shortening restoration times and recovery compared with traditional on-premise solutions.

The Benefits

Mortgages for Business has the peace of mind that its data is securely backed up, it can simply and easily retrieve data, even in the event of a full disaster it can invoke on-demand DR on telent Cloud. Furthermore, there is no additional cost for having Disaster Recovery infrastructure on standby in telent Cloud, unless it is actually invoked. It benefits from:

  • Quick and easy restores – hard drive crashes, power surges, dropped or stolen laptops, and accidental deletes are quickly and easily restored from the local appliance.
  • Lower costs - a simple pay-as-you-go arrangement is employed and eliminates the cost of tapes, software and support.
  • Risk - Mortgages for Business has peace of mind, even in the event of a full disaster it can invoke ondemand DR on telent Cloud, or retrieve its data on a replacement device. 
  • Support - The telent Cloud team offer ongoing support to Mortgages for Business, and are only ever a phone call away should help or advice be needed.

The Future

Having put in place BaaS, Mark was so confident with the telent Cloud platform that he now uses telent Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to host his website servers.

“We were so happy with the quality of service, that we are now exploring using telent Cloud IaaS for further elements of our environment. telent Cloud’s knowledge and expertise is exceptional. They executed the project in a professional manner and have provided a first class service”.


“We are delighted with our decision to use telent Cloud BaaS” concludes Mark. “I know my data is protected and I can restore whatever I need no matter what. The team were exceptional in the delivery of the service.”

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