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telent Cloud platform accelerates test and development capabilities for boardex


Getting data and new services to market rapidly is mission critical for BoardEx, the global leader in the emerging field of Relationship Capital. With this in mind, BoardEx began to rethink and refresh its existing IT infrastructure strategy.

The Challenge

BoardEx operates from London, New York and Chennai, India providing subscription-based services to over 250 top investment banks, wealth managers, consultants, lawyers and corporations who use its global leadership database and proprietary analysis within their client development activities.

Over 250 BoardEx Analysts gather information, from reliable sources only, verifying it from multiple sources before entering the validated information into the database. As a result of this specialism in data gathering and maintenance, BoardEx is widely seen as the industry gold standard for quality and reliability. Consequently, its test and development capabilities for internal information systems and external production applications must deliver optimal quality, agility and high performance.

Phil Hunter, Infrastructure Manager at BoardEx explains: “We’ve built our success on ensuring that our clients enjoy uninterrupted services. One of the key building blocks to this success has been to build a resilient infrastructure for both our production and product development environments.

“Our on-premise test and development solutions, including our storage network, were running on legacy hardware, which was not ideal due to performance requirements and hardware compatibility with the newer hypervisor releases. A refresh or change of direction was required.”

Initially, Phil and his team explored the possibility of investing in an on-premise replacement solution, which would have involved a major replacement exercise in hardware, software, storage, and other areas which when combined with training and support didn’t look an attractive option. “Like many other businesses, once we had reviewed the impact of an on-premise solution, we decided to look at various other alternatives that removed the overhead of hardware compatibility issues and vendor specific product support limitations going forward.”

The Solution

BoardEx approached telent to discuss the options for its test and development platform.

“Our test and development capabilities help to keep us at the forefront of Relationship Capital Management” notes Phil. “We needed a flexible, robust platform that could also free my team from some of the administration duties our on-premise solution required.

“Given that the system wouldn’t be in use 24x7 we needed to know that we would still have a resilient and responsive infrastructure without losing the manageability that we experience on our on-premise virtualisation platform. telent Cloud provided 99.9% availability on its platform which fitted our test and development requirements perfectly.”

Having put in place a competitive, pay-as-you-go pricing model and a 99.9% SLA, BoardEx and telent began the migration to telent Cloud. Now BoardEx doesn’t have to worry about hardware compatibility issues with the applications it develops. Neither does it have to be concerned with hardware performance, storage IOPS, networking, power protection and resilience as that is now covered by telent

Phil describes the process: “The migration planning was extremely straightforward – clearly telent has exceptional expertise in this area and made the whole process easy for us.

“We were so happy with the quality of service, stability, manageability and security that telent Cloud offered us, including in-built failover that we were confident enough to include two of our non-critical production servers in the solution and we are considering further migrations.

“Everything from the telent Cloud team’s account handling to the way they executed the migration project was first class, and designed to work the way we as a nimble, entrepreneurial company needs. So as a business, we couldn’t be more satisfied!”

The benefits

“As a business we had a good appreciation of the benefits of hosted services, since all our production and customer facing services, which customers access, have always been managed off-premise,” explains Phil. “So we didn’t have any concerns about virtualisation or hosting per se, our challenges were more about ensuring adequate performance, connectivity, and stability – the telent Cloud team very quickly put our minds at rest.”

Initially, the idea behind using telent Cloud was to provide an alternative to a large scale replacement exercise using new infrastructure. However, since the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) was commissioned, the firm has experienced a number of far-ranging benefits including:

  • Agility – any time Phil’s team requires new servers, they can be spun up in a matter of moments, and remain in use for as long or as little a time as is required for the business, making agility a very real experience for the company.
  • Speed to market – going forward BoardEx will be able to shorten its product lifecycle because telent Cloud will allow them to test and implement applications and services faster. In turn this will help to drive competitive advantage.
  • Costs – BoardEx has made considerable savings by reducing the time it takes to deploy new servers and lower support costs. In addition, any upgrades to the underlying hardware on which the IaaS platform runs are now the responsibility of telent, rather than BoardEx.
  • Skills and satisfaction – telent Cloud has reduced the time the team was spending on implementing and managing infrastructure. Now BoardEx team have more time to develop new skills needed for managing virtualised environments – skills that align more closely to managing applications and operating systems. All of which helps to increase long term job satisfaction and employee retention.

The future

“Things have gone extremely well in our partnership with telent Cloud, so much so that we are now exploring the possibilities of additional IaaS services, including Backup as a Service – and we hope there will be many more projects, like this, that we can embark on with telent Cloud,” concludes Phil.

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