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Backup as a Service and ReliableDR - Large Aggregate Supplier

The business has multiple sites across the UK, all connecting to their head office for access to their IT systems. There was just one WAN connection in and out of the head office site, with only one connection into their building leaving the business with a single point of failure which the entire business depends on. In review of their IT infrastructure, the company needed to know that in the event of a data corruption or loss, system failure or total site disaster, that their recovery process is reliable and fast.

The business had concluded that it would be prohibitively expensive to introduce network resilience into the site and the site itself is an industrial facility which, by its nature, is a high-risk environment.

Without a disaster recovery solution or service in place, should an incident effect the site, or the IT operations within it, the business was at serious risk of an extended outage which would have a major impact on business productivity, client project delivery, reputation, revenue and probable loss of customers. With little systems resilience onsite, a single server failure would result in a period of downtime for the application concerned before service could be restored.

Our Cloud is now running Backup as a Service and ReliableDR for the company, this ensures up-to-date copies of data both on and offsite and an automated and verifiable approach to disaster recovery with orchestrated failover to our UK Recovery Centre.

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