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Top tips for avoiding data security breaches

While the digital era presents many opportunities for companies, it is also producing numerous challenges, including security threats that can be devastating to a company’s reputation and bottom line.

In 2017, 43% of all cyber attacks were targeted at SMEs, meaning all companies need to rethink their approach to security; thanks to the myriad of web-connected devices in the workplace acting like gateways, attackers can gain access to the business’ network and digital resources more easily, increasing the threat level to all businesses. 

Below are our top tips for keeping your business’ data secure.

1. Store your data securely 

It is vital that all sensitive information is stored securely, whether it is in physical or digital form. Paper documents should be securely filed and locked away, digital records must be adequately password protected and all computers and laptops encrypted and stored safely.

2. Use the cloud securely 

As many companies use the cloud as a central data hub, this makes it a prime target for cyber-attacks. Therefore, businesses must know how to use it securely, and choosing a service that you can trust with strong policies, controls and systems is a very good place to start.

3. Identify threats

Understanding the potential threats that face your organisation and its information is vital to preventing breaches; if you know how you could be targeted, it will be easier to know how to protect your business.

4. Create a breach response 

Should a security breach occur, under the new GDPR, all organisations will be required to report it to all affected parties within 72 hours of becoming aware of it. Procedures of what to do should a security breach occur should therefore be a key element of any information security policy; designing a breach response plan will ensure that businesses are able to respond as quickly and effectively as possible to minimise harm.

5. Invest in reliable technology

The potential detrimental impacts of a data security breach are now higher than ever, making it important to thoroughly research any technology you plan on implementing within your business and worth investing in solutions you feel confident you can trust. The unique Gen10 server range from HPE brings vast performance improvements with a heavy emphasis on security, making it the world’s most secure industry standard server.

telent partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and cyber security specialist, CNS, to provide a range of storage & security solutions to meet any requirements surrounding data storage and data protection. Find out more by joining our webinar on the 25th April, sign up here.

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