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telent to showcase its expertise of keeping the nation’s roads running at Highways UK

From April 2018 to March 2019, motor vehicles travelled 329 billion miles on the UK’s roads – a 7.2 percent rise from five years ago. As this trend increases and the UK’s highways continue to get busier, it is more crucial than ever that they are underpinned by smart and reliable technologies to ensure safe, smooth and efficient operation. That’s the message that Reg Cook, Director – Asset Management at telent, will deliver at Highways UK where the company will showcase its data-driven technology maintenance methods and how they could be applied in a Highways Environment.

Effective maintenance with data-driven solutions
At the event – taking place at NEC Birmingham, 6-7 November – telent will outline its commitment to future-proofing and sustaining the nation’s Transport infrastructure with its smart assets and systems, including its Reliability Centred Maintenance model. The model enables telent to proactively maintain assets crucial to the nation’s infrastructure, driving greater reliability by using data and remote monitoring tools to identify deterioration in asset performance and intervening before costly service-affecting failures occur.

The Reliability Centred Maintenance model, developed more than 20 years to improve performance and reduce costs, includes Remote Asset Condition Monitoring which allows telent’s Systems Engineers to predict how long components and systems will last and when they might fail. This enables telent to act before failure to avoid unscheduled outages and reducing the cost of repair.

Reg said: “In addition to our experience spanning several decades, telent is trusted because we understand that the technology used on the nation’s infrastructure needs a robust network backbone. Such critical technology demands high-end solutions and maintenance techniques, and we can’t wait to share with the industry at Highways UK how we’ve managed to achieve this with our services that are relied upon up and down the country.”

Tried and tested maintenance
telent’s established relationship with the highways sector enables the delivery of robust network solutions and maintenance of roads that millions of people use every year.

This year telent secured prestigious contract extensions with Highways England, extending all three of its Regional Technology Maintenance Contracts (RTMCs). The extensions for contracts in the East, South East and M25 regions cover the continued provision of technology maintenance services through to Summer 2021 and include assets that are critical to the efficient and safe operation of England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN).

telent is also responsible for the National Roads Telecommunications Service (NRTS) that connects more than 30,000 roadside devices such as Variable Message Signs, CCTV cameras, Midas outstations and emergency roadside telephones to Highways England’s seven regional control centres. The service provision underpins the UK government’s Roads Investment Strategy, which is creating free-flowing, smart and sustainable roads.

Award-winning service
This year, a joint telent and Highways England team took home the ‘Project of the Year’ award in the Delivery category at the Highways England Awards for its work completing the complex contract transition phase of the Highways England NRTS contract.

telent’s experts will be at E51 to talk about the company’s work across the country’s highways. telent’s ITS solutions will also be on display, including the tools and software which underpin the Reliability Centred Maintenance model.

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