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telent hosts cybersecurity event to help organisations protect themselves from potential threats

With 32% of businesses identifying cyber security breaches or attacks in 2018, a cyber breach will disrupt operations and is a threat that businesses of all sizes face every day. In years gone by, investing in the right computer security has become increasingly important. But now, investment in the right ICT infrastructure should be at the top of an organisation’s agenda and it is imperative that businesses understand the importance of cybersecurity to prevent attacks from a host of threats and protect the future integrity of a business.


Despite cyber threats being among the primary concerns for business’ management teams, a lack of understanding of where to prioritise investment to prevent or identify threats is a notable problem. As an initial step in tackling this issue, cybersecurity experts from across the industry gathered at the Churchill War Rooms, in London, on Thursday, July 11 for an insightful afternoon hosted by telent. The event focused on understanding how hackers think, what vulnerabilities they look for and how organisations can directly combat this threat.


Cyber security risks and the threat they pose

With the increased global migration to cloud-based systems by businesses showing no signs of slowing up, the number of associated risks to tackle also exponentially increases. The number of risks has shown no signs of letting up, and one key risk that businesses are keen to mitigate is hacking.


As industry professionals look for ways to develop and improve IT Solutions to make them more secure, hackers are looking at ways to unpick the system and cause disarray. Most recently, British Airways faced an £183 million pound fine for a data breach, with around 500,000 customers’ information stolen by the attackers. This shows that every major corporation should be very wary of the risks that cybersecurity threats pose.


One of the most common ways in which hackers access a network is through people sharing credentials and password details. Businesses must look at placing restrictions on sharing this information whilst also monitoring its employees to ensure they are not sharing this data, either unwittingly or deliberately. Additionally, businesses must take responsibility by educating their employees on how to identify cyber threats.


Malware attacks are another cause for concern, and this can be caused by not having the right internet security software in place. One way to combat this directly would be to put in place a strict security compliance. Additionally, selecting the right cloud provider could go a long way in preventing malicious data breaches and managing an organisation’s data effectively so a business can make sure they can pinpoint what data has been stolen and make sure the weaknesses are addressed.


Joining forces to tackle security

These topics were among those discussed at telent’s cybersecurity event on Thursday. Speakers sharing their insights included Tayo Dada, White Hat Hacker, providing ‘The Hackers Perspective’, Paul Rose, CNS Group, speaking on ‘Understand where you are and your current level of threat’, Lee Fisher, Juniper Networks, discussing ‘Maximising the benefit of technology solutions’ and Simon Jackson, A10 Networks, advising on ‘Managing External Risk Factors’.


This was accompanied by presentations by telent’s Shani Latif, Sales Director, Stephan Badesha, Group Security Architect and Gerard Donohue, Chief Technical Officer on how best to protect your organisation.


Who to entrust to help you ward off this danger

In the face of impending dangers, a business must do all in its power to prepare and react to an attack, as well as maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a business’ critical systems. telent, in partnership with CNS Group – one of the UK’s leading independent Cyber Security Consultancy and Service providers – can provide information Assurance and Cyber Security Services and consultancy to businesses operating across many sectors.


To keep a business’ data safe, companies must be prepared to constantly be on the lookout for potential risks. telent believes in not only optimising the full potential of technology but also, combining this with the people that have the right expertise to deploy the most-effective services possible can keep your data and your business protected.


If you are interested in learning more about what was discussed at the cybersecurity event and wish to find out further information, click here to download.

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