Availability 24.7.365 to the Always On Enterprise

Digital transformation is the new normal. The lightning-fast pace of technological innovation is forcing digital and physical worlds to collide — and it is transforming the way organisations operate in every industry. This digital transformation can either make or break your business. Because, in the digital world, customers expect 24.7.365 Availability.

telent understand what 24.7.365 Availability can allow enterprises to achieve. We partner with Veeam to ensure your applications are always up and running when you need them, so your organisation is always ready — no matter what. This means you can take unexpected events in stride while giving all of your users the experience they demand, and take advantage of new opportunities before anyone else.


Value to your Organiasation

High-Speed Recovery: Enables low recovery time objectives (RTOs) of < 15 minutes; enables rapid recovery of the data customers want, in the form that you want it.

Data Loss Avoidance: Avoids data loss by enabling low recovery point objectives (RPOs) of < 15 minutes and by facilitating off-site data protection.

Verified Recoverability: Ensures that files, applications and virtual servers can be reliably restored when needed; ensures business resiliency through automated backup and disaster recovery (DR) testing.

Leveraged Data: Eliminates the risks associated with application deployment, configuration changes and other testing scenarios; allows testing of changes in a production-like environment before actually deploying them.

Complete Visibility: Provides monitoring and alerting tools so you can discover and be alerted to issues and potential problems in your IT environment before they have a significant impact on your operations

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