Today’s increasingly converged networks demand that network connectivity be available anytime and anywhere for all users. The explosion of mobile devices is further fuelling the unprecedented need for connectivity, regardless of location or device.

telent’s wireless solutions meet these challenges by providing customers with a fully managed, secure, and flexible enterprise-grade wireless infrastructure solution. As well as assisting you with a strategy for deploying new WLANs or evolving existing ones, we work in a collaborative way to understand your business requirements to find technical solutions focused on the outcome of improving end user experience in a secure and scalable way.

Five key components of this strategy are:

  • Adoption of latest wireless standards (802.11ac Wave2).
    • While 802.11ac Wave 1 offers secure, lightning fast Wi-Fi, Wave 2 takes it a step further and boosts network efficiency — even for legacy 802.11n clients. And when it comes to power, 802.11ac is incredibly efficient, extending battery life by over 30%
  • Voice over WLAN.
    • Enterprises have accelerated adoption of voice over IP to dramatically reduce phone costs, and are eager to extend VoIP to wireless. But voice over WLAN has had limited enterprise adoption, because current generation WLANs struggle to deliver quality service to large numbers of users. Next generation WLANs must overcome this limitation to support hundreds of roaming users with clear, reliable service
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor coverage.
    • Enterprises want to extend mobility services across their campuses, including outdoor and unwired areas such as shop floors and warehouses. Enterprise users require the same, consistent enterprise feature set whether indoors or out. To get maximum functionality at the lowest cost of operation, enterprises need a single wireless data/voice infrastructure that covers indoors and outdoors
  • Comprehensive security.
    • Security remains the top concern for enterprises deploying WLANs. To meet their business continuity and data privacy requirements, enterprises need a strong multi-layer approach, such as advanced Wireless Protected Access (WPA2) encryption; 802.1x authentication across the wired and wireless network; and wireless intrusion detection (WIDS) and prevention (WIPS). Additionally, our portfolio of products supports the most comprehensive unified policy across the wired and wireless network encompassing user, role, device, and application aware policy enforcement
  • Centralised management.
    • A large WLAN may comprise thousands of access points (APs), tens or hundreds of switches, and tens of thousands of mobile users who need constant connectivity to their critical data and voice applications. As wireless networks continue to increase in size, and as mobility becomes pervasive, the ability to efficiently manage the WLAN becomes absolutely critical.
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