Wi-Fi Solutions for Healthcare

Today’s increasingly converged networks demand that network connectivity be available anytime and anywhere for all users and by 2019, 87% of healthcare organisations will have adopted Internet of Things technology. The explosion of mobile devices is further fuelling the need for connectivity. Mobile technology gives hospitals an unprecedented opportunity to redefine the experience.

Care can be delivered wherever a patient is; exam room, hallway, stairwell, or car park. Through hospital apps the patient has more valuable information on their own devices—turn-by-turn directions, notifications, other hospital services, and clinician bios. With the right wireless technology, mobile engagement HealthIT can connect patients and visitors for improved health outcomes.

telent’s wireless solutions meet these challenges by providing customers with a fully managed, secure, and flexible enterprise-grade wireless infrastructure solution. We work together to understand your business requirements to find solutions focused on the outcome of improving end user experience in a secure and scalable way.

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