HPE Converged Systems

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ConvergedSystems

It’s time to energise and refresh…

telent work with HPE to create converged architectures to suit your business. These Converged Architectures are modular, repeatable and scalable building blocks designed for your workloads. It is infrastructure your way, delivered as one integrated stack.

Designed for speed and efficiency they provide integration across server, storage and networking making them easy to buy, deploy and manage and ultimately reduce costs and risks for faster time-to-value.


  • One infrastructure with one management delivered your way for accelerated time-to-value
  • Accelerate enterprise workloads deployment 66x faster


  • Easily integrate into your existing environment, protects investments with your choice of third party infrastructure
  • Enterprise scalability that reduces risk with validated workload designs


  • Repeatable building blocks increase efficiency
  • Increased choice and flexible integration, delivered by a partner to fit your needs

What if I need to achieve greater reductions in complexity and cost?

It may be time to look at Hyper-converged infrastructure from HPE. Hyper-convergence takes the principles of converged infrastructures further by providing a single management interface that auto-discovers and adds new nodes to the cluster, delivering additional compute and storage resources with the addition of each new module.

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