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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Financial Services

The New Style of Business is making new demands on you and we’re working with HPE Financial Services to help you manage your IT and business needs more effectively.

Flexible Solutions

At the forefront of the newest and most innovative trends, HPE Financial Services bridges the gap between business and IT. Make it easy and economical to deploy world-class technology in ways that meet your business needs and enhance your business flexibility and agility.

Conserve cash and overcome budget constraints to act more quickly

Do you want more flexibility on when to upgrade to newer technology?
Could you benefit from payment terms and usage models that are customized to fit your business needs?

Same money in the long run

Low monthly payments on your equipment could prove to be a significant cost saver in the long run. We have been able to help some of our customers save up to 70% of capital in year 1 and up to 10% over 3 or 4 years versus a cash purchase. If you are interested in learning more about this, we can provide a calculation to help you see the savings.

Buy more equipment

If you have a recurring annual IT budget, you can get up to 3 times more equipment upfront through a monthly payment over a cash purchase.

You can gain more flexibility to upgrade without having to wait until your equipment fully depreciates, and we can provide payment terms to fit your business needs.

Benefits of financing

  • Preserve existing bank credit lines
  • Go with best fit solution, not budget fit
  • Ensure predictable cash flow over a fixed period
  • Hedge against obsolete treatment
  • Potentially achieve operating lease treatment
  • Enjoy flexibility at end-of-term
  • Return assets easily at end of life
  • Align costs to revenues
  • Conserve cash for investments with a higher ROI than rapidly depreciating IT equipment

Tech refresh for workplace

a technology refresh with HPE Financial Services means keeping your technology current, more easily and efficiently. You can help your staff be more productive and keep your business at the technology forefront, while giving you a competitive edge.

HP Subscription

Subscribe to a new technology solution, including services for an affordable monthly payment. Minimize upfront costs and regularly provide staff access to the latest technology every 2,3,4 or 5 years. At the end-of-term, subscribe to a new solution.

Our pledge to you

  • Transparency – we are clear on costs and terms.
  • Flexibility – we can create custom IT investment solutions.
  • Partnership – we collaborate over long-term relationships.
  • Care – we care about what our customers care about.
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