Walk In Take Over

Walk in and Take Over (WITO) services significantly empower enterprises and public sector organisations, by providing a single point of management which in turn leads to operational efficiencies and the economies of scale.

For decades customers have trusted us to provide single source intelligent infrastructures, avoiding the extra layer of management required with multiple voice and data contractors. With us, you can build a package to suit. Our fully accredited and dedicated UK and Ireland wide engineering teams support your field forces, merging team capabilities and extending business opportunities.

Our heritage and proven experience in delivering support, maintenance, installation and integration services of all major Voice, Data and Unified Communication vendors places us at the forefront of working to manage existing environments and any transition to new technologies.

Our capabilities range from latest Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and Unified Communications applications and infrastructures to analogue telephony and early data networking, digital voice, internet protocol (IP) PBX (private branch exchange) networking and Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Whatever your requirement, you can rest assured that we have vast experience in delivering contracts of this nature and have worked in successful collaboration with numerous partnerships including Level 3, BT, COLT, Vodafone and Unify, to name but a few.

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