Proactive Monitoring

Ensuring that systems new and old continue to deliver consistently superior function, not only reduces the risk of system failure – crucially important to both the businesses relying on effective communications networks – it also reduces the general running costs and expense of unforeseen asset replacement. Our level of proactive monitoring and management makes us the assured, reliable choice for maintenance services.

telent operate a 24/7/365 remote service which will proactively monitor customer devices and diagnose faults ensuring the right engineer and the right part arrive first time at the correct site. Our management system is the dedicated repository for all client information including device, site and bespoke SLAs.  A dedicated Customer Service Manager is accountable for maintaining service levels, effective issue resolution, problem management and a continuous drive for improvement.

Remote management is built into every contract where possible and provides efficiencies gained through our preventative activities. This greatly benefits the operational performance and hence the reputation of our clients.

Technical Capabilities

  • Optimising network efficiency

  • 24/7/356 remote management

  • Tailored Service Level Agreements - two, four or eight hours

  • Multi-vendor accredited engineers
  • Trend analysis and performance prediction

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