Invest in the right flash storage solution for your business

Accelerate your advantage – join the flash revolution

The world is changing, fast. We live in a digital age were data has become a precious corporate asset that can create a competitive advantage, deliver real business intelligence and fuel innovation and success.

Forward-looking businesses are investing in data storage technologies that deliver maximum value to the business with all-flash solutions for the data centre. By accelerating your move to all-flash data centre you can experience the benefits of 99.9999% uptime, built-in data protection and discover what radical simplicity can do for your organisation. 


Discover what 1,000 IT pros thought about Flash integration

Read this exclusive survey of 1,000 IT pros’ experience, expectations and strategies around the move to flash storage. Get key insights from your peers. Small, medium and large organisations weigh in across 20+ vertical industries.

Read the Survey Report - Flash Insights and Revelations


Must-Know strategies when migrating from spinning disk

Wherever you are on your flash journey, you need to know what to ask for—and what to avoid. At talent we can help. So can the eBook, Flash for Any Application: Why the Move to an All-Flash Data Centre Makes Sense.

Read the eBook - Must-Know Strategies When Migrating from Spinning Disk 


True Tier 1 functionally is just the beginning

Only All-Flash HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage offers a flash portfolio including the world’s most capacity-dense all-flash system,1 over 3M IOPs,2 and sub-millisecond latencies3. It also features built-in data protection—all for as low as $1.20/GB usable.

telent and HPE – Delivering the right flash storage solution for your business  

Working with HPE we deliver transformative storage solutions that are designed to simplify IT and accelerate your business. Read the guides below to find out more about how HPE and telent can help you move to All Flash.


Read the guide – The Flash Buyers Guide: Invest in the right flash storage solution

Read the guide – The business case for Flash


Short on time? 

Read the 16 questions to ask infographic


Deliver the right flash storage solution for your business – with infrastructure experts telent.

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