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Persistent Memory

Do you need to increase the performance of your data centre database and analytics applications? HPE Persistent Memory products deliver the performance of memory with the persistence of traditional storage.

Customers are looking for offerings that enable faster business decisions and the HPE Persistent Memory portfolio delivers outstanding performance to put data to work more quickly in your business.

HPE ProLiant Servers are the industry’s first server platform offering Persistent Memory innovation, with the promise to deliver up to 4x+ faster database transaction processing. The HPE 8GB NVDIMM Module has the resiliency you have come to expect from storage technology by utilising higher endurance DRAM and components that help verify data is moved to non-volatile technology in the event of a power loss.

HPE Persistent Memory offerings are not just new hardware technology, but a complete software ecosystem designed to work with today’s applications and workloads, including databases and analytics workloads.

Breakthrough Performance

With performance increases up to 4x, HPE Persistent Memory is a game-changer for intensive database and analytic workloads.

Resilient Technology

NVDIMM's have greater levels of endurance compared to the Flash technology that is used in Solid State Drive technology.

Workload Optimised

HPE Gen9 servers increase write-intensive workload performance, delivering up to 2x faster database logging and up to 4x faster OLTP replication functions.

Do you need to increase the performance of your data center database and analytics applications? Find out how.

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