Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX - Take the complexity out of virtualisation

Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box

Businesses know that virtualisation is an effective way of reducing IT cost and complexity whilst boosting efficiency and agility. However for many businesses virtualisation still feels out of reach. telent are working with Fujitsu to change that, with PRIMEFLEX.

Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box solutions deliver a complete, pre-integrated environment that’s engineered for simple and straightforward virtualisation, allowing businesses to move away from an expensive and piecemeal approach to hardware procurement.

Instead, you can simplify IT with a single solution from a single vendor, managed and supported as a single product. And the entire system has been pre-built, pre-configured and pre-tested to maximise availability, minimise management requirements, and deliver business value from day one. PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box takes the complexity out of virtualisation, with a complete, compact system that can be deployed in under an hour.

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But until you have tried PRIMEFLEX, how will you know?

telent are working with Fujitsu to help businesses of all sizes to bring simplicity to their IT environment. To do this we are providing Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX Cluster-in-a-box as a FREE demo so you can experience simple and straightforward virtualisation for yourself.

Click the link below and provide your name, job title and contact number and one of the telent team will call you to discuss your demo.

PRIMEFLEX C-i-a-b FREE demo 


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