We have a server platform for every requirement – scale up, scale out, virtualise everything, compute-intensive, storage-intensive, media serving, low power consumption…. and more.

Whether you are:

  • Analysing big data
  • Hosting bet-your-business servers as virtual machines
  • Hosting the most demanding users on virtual desktops
  • Socialising your key applications like CRM and ERP
  • Building CPU-intensive clusters for modern applications
  • Rapidly rolling out environments adapted to your clients changing needs
  • Intent on keeping your developers developing instead of spinning up and managing infrastructure

We helped an e-tailer transition their development environment to the cloud and scale to their massive growth. We helped a broadcaster move from one end of the country to the other and go lights off/lights on in hours standing up a new virtual data centre. We helped a leading games developer remotely manage virtual environments in multiple European locations. We helped a UK aircraft component manufacturer securely host remote designers and developers in the Indian Subcontinent.

Can your systems keep up? With 30 years innovating data storage and backup solutions for every kind of organisation, we can help you design a truly agile, efficient and cost-effective environment that’s right for your today and your tomorrow.

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