Desktop as a service

For many businesses, managing the desktop estate is a time-consuming task that adds limited strategic value to the business.

For organisations that use the traditional client/server computing model, upgrading to a new operating system is complex and expensive. The popularity of mobile working has introduced a wave of devices into the business computing world, which the IT department must then maintain. Simultaneously, the rise of cloud computing has led many to investigate how this model can be applied to the desktop.

Solution Overview

Delivering Desktop as a Service directly from the data centre or via cloud offers more efficiency for the IT department – it offers a more reliable and available experience for end users throughout the enterprise.

New applications can be rolled out quickly and easily in response to new opportunities or changing business needs.
Software licensing becomes far more straightforward and predictable, with much less risk of application wastage.
OS upgrades and patch or security updates can be applied throughout the enterprise without time-consuming site visits by costly IT staff.
IT support costs are reduced, because desktop issues can be diagnosed and resolved remotely – a real bonus for organisations with many geographically distributed locations.
Business continuity is improved, because end users’ applications and data are stored centrally instead of locally, and so can easily be recovered to a new device if required.
Desktop as a Service provides a pay-per-use full desktop experience, any

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