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Richardson Eyres is now part of telent

On Monday the 12th September 2016, Richardson Eyres became a part of leading technology solutions and services provider, telent. By joining telent, Richardson Eyres are now able to expand their offerings through telent's extensive resources and capabilities.

Your challenges

We understand that priorities and challenges vary across the different areas of your business.

Where Finance and Procurement may focus on the reduction of capital expenditure, Product Management and Marketing are looking to gain market leadership through innovative, compelling and profitable services. Meanwhile Operations needs high performance infrastructure to enable efficiencies across the business.

Balancing the needs of different departments

C level management

Technology is moving at a dizzying pace. To keep ahead of the curve you need to constantly improve through innovative solutions and impeccable service performance. And all the while maintaining a strong financial position. We will work with you to develop your ICT to offer the flexibility, scalability and agility to achieve this – without introducing risk, or compromising your security. In fact, we introduce stability and resilience, whilst delivering market-leading technology solutions to keep you ahead of the technology curve.


To keep costs down you need to run a lean and efficient team. Yet you also want to ensure that your organisation is scalable enough to respond quickly to market opportunities. We can help you meet both requirements by taking on specific projects, completing work packages or providing ongoing support. So you have the scale, skills and superior service to deliver the business’ ambitions.

Finance & Procurement

Low, predictable operational running costs with the minimum of risk is what every organisation is striving for. We can help you towards this goal. We have invested in building relationships with some of the leading network and technology vendors in the industry. You can be sure that we will design and create a solution built on the very best and most appropriate technology for you needs.

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Why choose telent for Enterprise?


Flexible approach from fully managed to stand-alone services


Long-standing expertise in contemporary systems and legacy systems


Skills spanning network domains from access to transport

Multi-vendor approach

Multi-vendor approach allowing you to couple the best equipment with telent’s superior services

Fast deployment

High-volume network rollout in very short time-scales


Ability to manage complex network migration programs without disruption to existing services


Strong design and delivery capability across wireless technologies


Round-the-clock support and maintenance with UK-wide coverage